Your lifestyle and How We Support It

To be a lifestyle company you have to obviously offer lifestyle products that enhance the user’s lifestyle (duh) but to survive you also have to be authentic. It’s kind of comical how many “lifestyle” brands do not have either of these yet will tell you until their dying day when they are forced to close up shop that they ARE a LIFESTYLE COMPANY! And if you don’t believe them they double down and tell you even louder that they ARE A LIFESTYLE COMPANY DAMMIT!

Stop. No, you are not. You are a company that has lifestyle branding, ads and labels and tries, poorly, to position themselves as a lifestyle company but let’s get to how this is relevant to you, us and why the hell we are taking the time to draft this up in the first place. Let’s look at the first aspect necessary to be dubbed as a lifestyle company – authenticity.

We are ran by firefighters, veterans, and exercise science and exercise and wellness professionals. Let’s for a quick minute think about what firefighters do. Would you think of a firefighter as being authentic? In general, I think it’s safe to say that public opinion of firefighters is that they are there to genuinely help people. What about veterans? From the top down, we operate with integrity and true purpose. And that true purpose is to develop products that support and help people become who they want to become.

Authenticity ✓

Now onto the products. Our products, unlike other companies, have been created to truly support your lifestyle. Let me explain how. Other pre-workouts on the market commonly contain a truckload of stimulants legal and illegal, by the way, that gets you super-duper amped up for your hour or so workout only to leave you crashing shortly after. Perform Kinetics, our pre-workout, was created to help you go in crush your workout, feel good, get a kick ass pump, AND still have the energy to go on killing the rest of your day.

I’m not sure how many of you go train and then don’t have any responsibilities after but for the majority of us, we still have to go to work or school or have to go home and clean, cook, work on the business, take care of kids or whatever. Let’s just say that for those of us that live in the real world, taking a product that does work for an hour and leaves you a steaming pile of worthlessness after doesn’t really seem to be helpful or very supportive for most of us. Perform Kinetics was crafted to support those of us that want to be just as successful outside of our health and fitness endeavors if not more.

Next up Generation. Generation was specifically formulated to help you get the most out of your training. It’s an all in one physique and performance product that supports muscle gain, fat loss, endurance increases and improved recovery, which is why we refer to it as our all in one muscle multi-vitamin. This product was formulated to support the lifestyle of a busy individual to help them reach their goals while improving recovery to keep them firing on all cylinders because again, we live in the real world and if you are lagging in any one area of your life you will get passed up by someone else for that promotion, scholarship, grad school, internship, on stage or any other goal you have.

Aspire was developed over the course of roughly five years and many different formulas, it has been battle tested at the fire station, in class, public speaking settings and more. Aspire is the perfect example of what a lifestyle product is and what it should be. Our consumers and Team ATP makeup our ATP community.

The ATP community is a representative sample of some of the hardest working and most badass people you will ever come across. They love Aspire because it supports their busy lifestyle. From the college student cramming for finals to the blue-collar worker grinding it out day after day to the high-ranking corporate executive, Aspire was brought to market to provide the user with energy, focus, stress reduction and the ability to operate at their peak efficiency.

Products Created to Support Your Lifestyle ✓

As you can see, our products were created to support your lifestyle. Authenticity and true lifestyle products created to support the lifestyle of a real person that has real stuff to do. A person that can’t simply focus on improving one area of their life but instead aims to improve themselves as a whole.

Thank you for reading. Keep working hard to get your goals. I know we always say this but as long as you never quit or give up the only option is success. Let’s get it!

-Team ATP