What’s in Your Supplement? Clinical Dosing and Transparency

2-4 Minute Read

Do you want your supplements to work? Does the money that you invest into your supplement regimen matter to you or are you cool with simply throwing money away? The answers to these questions likely seem pretty obvious but how many of us have fallen victim to deceptive marketing in the past? Most of us have and that’s okay as it’s all part of the learning process. Especially within the supplement industry where everyone and their moms believe they should start a supplement company.

In an effort to help you guys out we wanted to give you two things to always look out for when picking up supps. Even if you don’t buy from us, that’s totally cool. We just want you to be informed when spending your hard-earned money. Those two things to always look out for are clinical dosing and transparency. Clinical dosing means that if a product uses an ingredient that has evidence showing it works, that ingredient is used at the same dose that was shown to be effective. Transparency means there are no parts of the supplement facts hidden in a proprietary blend.

Clinical Dosing

Clinical dosing is important because without it you do not know if you are taking an efficacious dose of an ingredient. For instance, there is evidence showing citrulline is effective at 4g. If we were to put 500mg of citrulline in a product, we are not utilizing the clinical dose. Why would companies do this? Citrulline is expensive, so they are trying to make the label stand out and take advantage of unsuspecting or underinformed consumers. The underinformed consumer then goes into purchase a product, they see citrulline on the label and purchase it based on that ingredient being in there, not knowing that the product is extremely underdosed and that they are paying a premium price for a very cheap product.


Clinical dosing and transparency go hand in hand. Kind of like peanut butter and jelly or Kool-Aid and sugar. Without one, the whole entire thing is a mess. Transparent formulas allow the consumer to ensure that the product contains properly dosed ingredients. They also allow the consumer to rightfully know the amounts of ingredients they are putting in their bodies that could potentially have negative effects. Think about it like this, if you don’t know how much caffeine is in a product and you’re stacking multiple products that contain stimulants, you could potentially find yourself in a rather unfortunate predicament. One that happens all too frequently.

Companies have started to transition to transparent formulas, FINALLY but are still trying to (quite successfully) sneak by underdosed products. Many companies also will only have partial transparency. Meaning they will have certain parts of the formula set up in a transparent way but then they still have other complexes within the formula in a proprietary blend. There is ALWAYS a reason for this and it is NOT to hide the blend from competitors. That reason is total BS. It’s difficult to see through the mist with supplements and is one of the reasons that consumers have a strong distrust for supplement companies. Remember to always try and look past the deceptive marketing tactics frequently seen with supps.

Stay informed guys, until next time!