When ATP was created, we set out to do things differently than everyone else. After having worked within the industry for a few years I can say that we have succeeded with that goal. Where we have not done the best job is to build on what is at the core of what ATP truly is. I’ve always been one to go against the grain and buck trends or for lack of a better way to explain it to rebel against what others are doing.

Other companies exist to benefit the company – business 101. In every business or marketing class, I have ever taken I have always argued with my teacher or professor tooth and nail about the sole existence of a company. They always say that it’s to increase profits for the shareholders and I always said that it was to build a company and product that benefits the consumer. While I was able to argue my way into getting good grades when they would mark me down based on my stance, it was still constantly a fight none the less.

ATP was built to benefit our consumers, which is likely one of the reasons that we have grown a little slower than other overnight sensations that have come and gone or have come and are still here. The name ATP itself serves several meanings – Adenosine Triphosphate, sure for those of us that are science nerds but on a deeper level it means much more.

Aspire. Train. Perform.

This is at the core of everything we do. These three words are our guiding principles from the bottom up. From product formulation and creation, branding, the people that represent the brand and how we all live our lives on a daily basis.


Let me explain – what is success? To succeed at any goal first you have to dream it, or desire to achieve it. The definition for Aspire is to direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something. See the similarities?


As we all well know, just sitting around daydreaming for something to come true is not how goals are achieved. You have to work towards those goals, or like any athlete you have to Train for those goals.

Training is not just athlete specific. As a student, I would study my ass off. Studying is nothing more than a form of training. Preparing for getting a promotion at work, perfecting your craft, or any form of working towards a goal is nothing more than training.


With all your aspirations and training what’s left? Execution. You have to be ready to execute when your game is on the line, it’s exam day or it’s time to prove yourself to your boss that you are meant for that promotion. You have to be ready to Perform.

ATP Nutrition was created with the belief that if you Aspire to achieve something, all you have to do is Train harder than everyone else and when the time comes to Perform to the best of your abilities to reach your goals.

Each and every product was created with this in mind. We are for the late night hustlers. The grinders that get off of work and go home to work even more on THEIR goals, not their bosses, not their teachers, THEIRS. Aspire was created to be a helping hand, almost like a gym partner that is waking up with you after not getting a whole lot of sleep and ready to go and crush your day.

Perform was created to fuel you through your workouts and push you even further to be able to get back to work when you’re done exercising. For people like us, going to the gym isn’t enough. We aren’t satisfied with looking the part. We want to be the part.

ATP Nutrition – We fuel the hustlers.