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Maximize Your Training Program

Creating the Ultimate Programming Part 1 How to Utilize Post Activation Potentiation (PAP) Into your Workout Routine Bigger, Faster, Stronger. We have all heard it. In today’s fitness world everyone is looking for innovative methods to help achieve maximum fitness levels in a short period of time. One method gaining popularity rapidly with strength coaches […]


What Does ATP Stand For?

When ATP was created, we set out to do things differently than everyone else. After having worked within the industry for a few years I can say that we have succeeded with that goal. Where we have not done the best job is to build on what is at the core of what ATP truly […]


Your Lifestyle and How We Support It

Your lifestyle and How We Support It To be a lifestyle company you have to obviously offer lifestyle products that enhance the user’s lifestyle (duh) but to survive you also have to be authentic. It’s kind of comical how many “lifestyle” brands do not have either of these yet will tell you until their dying […]