In the past these blogs were a little too in-depth and lengthy, so we’re going to start from the very beginning and help educate you guys with short bursts of information that will build off of the one before it. And in no time you guys will be walking through your daily lives a wealth of health and fitness knowledge by only taking a few short minutes to read these blogs!

First things first. Everything involved with diet will build off of the information to follow. Our diets, before considering micronutrients, whether your food is “clean” or not, a common misnomer and a topic for another time, all starts with the macronutrients – proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Consumed proteins are broken down into amino acids and are then used to build bodily proteins such as muscle tissue, enzymes, antibodies and more. Carbohydrates, which everyone believes to be the reason for the apocalypse (we’ll explain why they’re not later), are used for energy production both free and stored forms, that are ready to be tapped into when needed. Fats are used for a variety of biological processes such as hormone development, energy production, cellular structure and integrity and more.

To cap off your daily information burst we’ll hit you with how much these macronutrients contribute to your overall daily caloric intake. If you’re not certain on what this is or why it’s relevant it will all become clear within the next few blog posts!

Protein – 4 calories per gram (4 cals/g)

Carbohydrates – 4 cals/g

Fats – 9 cals/g


There are a few things that should immediately stand out to you when looking at the caloric makeup of these macros per gram. One being that fats contain over double the amount of energy (calories) on a gram-per-gram basis than carbs and proteins.

This is where we will leave off and give you guys a chance to absorb this. To really store this information, we recommend teaching someone the very same info that we just covered. It may seem like common knowledge but you’d be surprised how many people we have come across in school and gyms everywhere that simply do not know these basic diet principles. Remember, knowledge is power.

-Team ATP