Become part of the fastest growing health & fitness lifestyle company in the industry


Get paid for helping people change their lives


Earn a Sponsored Athlete position


What type of person are you? Do you live a healthy and fit lifestyle for the show of it or do you do it because it’s all you know? We are adding individuals just like you every day that are already living the ATP Lifestyle.

What does the ATP Lifestyle consist of? At ATP, we strive for success in every area of our lives and we don’t do it for the Gram, we do it for ourselves and to help others. We work hard, we look and feel good, BUT we also still live a life that isn’t overrun with obsessive restrictions.

Whether you’re a coach, trainer, entrepreneur, student, teacher, parent or simply have a pulse, as long as you desire to help people and live the ATP Lifestyle, we want to be part of your growth within the health and fitness industry.

Team ATP consists of carefully chosen people that work in tandem with ATP Nutrition to continue to spread the ATP Lifestyle and help people everywhere! When you join us, you get access to our dynamic team that is committed to growing alongside you.

Upon becoming part of Team ATP you will be paid on a commission basis and will gain the ability to move up with us at ATP Nutrition as a sponsored athlete and or operational positions as they become available. If you truly hope to make an impact within the health and fitness industry and strive to help change lives, while getting your foot in the door in an exciting, fast-paced and rapidly growing market, then submit your application now!


How it Works


We provide you with a unique Team ATP identifier code and URL. You add it to your social media, blog sites, or simply go old school and tell people your code with your mouth. When they make a purchase and either uses your code or URL you get paid. We handle everything else! Pretty easy right?


The Number One Mission is to Help People


The most important trait that anyone affiliated with ATP possesses is the intrinsic desire to help people. This opportunity should not be looked at as a way to make money but rather as a way to help change the lives of people everywhere. Getting paid to do so is merely a side benefit. One of the worst things you can do is to pretend to care. There are many companies out there and if you are not in it to help people, you should look elsewhere as you will not be successful with us. We have grown and reached our level of success by genuinely caring for others and helping people to do good, not for show.