Individuality and Why it Matters

Let’s be real. Everyone and their moms are health and fitness know it all’s these days. Actually, everyone, their mom, and their dogs are fitness know it all’s these days. The problem with most of these people, moms and or animals giving out information is that they completely ignore individual differences.

Here’s the deal, most of the accounts you follow are from fitness models or influencers that are taking some form of steroids. Yes, even the bikini girls. Are we telling you this to make anyone look bad or to make you not like someone? Absolutely not, but this is a perfect way to point out exactly why what one person does may not work for you.

Anabolic and androgenic steroids (AAS) greatly increase the rate of recovery among many other physiological functions, so would it make sense to train like someone that is on something that greatly exceeds your ability to adapt and recover? No.

What many of you also don’t realize is that the “results” that they are attributing to a supplement, new training program provided by their genius trainer or new diet they are on has been strategically or conveniently timed with their AAS cycle. So if they are using a supplement they are promoting in conjunction to AAS would it make sense that you will see the same results as them? No.

Similarly to the increases of adaptation and recovery from AAS, there are many differences that can occur that make individuality one of the most important factors that we deal with when it comes to helping people achieve success. Genetics has a huge impact on how someone responds to training stimuli. Have you ever had that friend that looks at weights and gets a pump? Yeah, ANNOYING! But seriously, genetics have a huge impact on how you recover and respond, so it does not make sense to assume that what works for one person will work for you. This translates to how you respond to your diet as well.

What’s the point or the TL;DR

The point is if you want to set yourself up for the best chance of being successful don’t take what your favorite fitness model or influencer just tells you at face value. A lot of times they are full of shit, outright lying to you or have zero idea what they are talking about and have been able to hide their lack of knowledge by AAS use as well as possessing better genetics than you. If you already knew all of this, that’s great! Always keep in mind that what you may deem as obvious isn’t always as obvious to everyone else. Do not get discouraged if the results don’t come immediately and as always if you have any questions or need any help don’t hesitate to reach out.