They say that to be successful you should make your bed every morning. They also say that to be successful you should be depressed, suicidal, and overall in a very dark place mentally. Who are these people making these ridiculous rules? What they don’t tell you is that making your bed in the morning likely isn’t going to do a whole hell of a lot for you. What the dark, depressed proponent doesn’t tell you when he tells you that’s what it takes to get to where he is – a rich and famous influencer – is that he was handed a multi-million-dollar biz right out of school. Weird, huh?

Kind of annoying right? All of these success gurus are largely full of shit. Sorry, it’s a hard truth to hear but one that needs to be shouted from the highest mountain so everyone can hear it. Then maybe we would have a bunch of people accumulating actual success instead of owning a pair of shoes that these influencers put out or paying a shit ton of money for their get rich quick schemes.

Did you just move past annoyed to royally pissed off? Yeah, these people are shams. We timed this article specifically to give you a heads up around the New Year. We all have goals that we want to reach and at one time or another we have all fallen victim to some dumb ass motivational YouTube video. At this point, you’re probably writing off your new year’s eve goal but don’t. You can hit your new years resolution, YOU CAN and YOU CAN do it without having to listen to another fucking podcast.

How? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t glamorous, it isn’t an easy pill, it isn’t listening to a podcast, it’s digging your fucking heels in and getting to work and not giving up. You might be asking yourself who we are to be giving advice.

We’re the underdogs that came from absolutely nothing. ATP is made up of hustlers. Nothing was handed to us. Not a single thing. Not only was ATP built from the ground up, our team is full of hustlers that were once in your shoes. Not knowing direction to turn, having a hard time deciding what to do with our lives, trying to figure out how the hell to go to school, to build up the courage to quit our jobs and risk everything on our dreams, all the while trying to live some semblance of a normal life to even focus on what our dreams were.

That’s right, back in the day, there were a few of us that weren’t afforded the opportunity to dream because we were simply trying to find somewhere to sleep for the night or where food was going to come from next or busy burying family members. Think your shit is hard? We’ve been there and we didn’t dig ourselves out by looking to others to fix it for us or listening to some motivational speakers. We found courage through fitness. Getting in the gym, going in, reshaping who we wanted to be mentally and physically and got. To. Fucking. Work.

So for this New Year, we’re happy to tell you that you’re already ahead of the pack. While everyone else is talking about some dumb shit podcast and about how this is the year they will finally change their lives, you can put your headphones on, dig in and get your ass to work on shaping a resilient mind that REFUSES to give up on what you want no matter what it is. You can start shifting your focus from get rich quick schemes to understanding that nothing worthwhile is ever easy to attain and whoever said it was IS LYING TO YOU. In this day in age, everyone is about the façade, they’re faking that shit.

2019 can be your year. Make this the year you ditch the bull shit, get back to the basics, roll your sleeves up and dig in on some good ol fashioned hard work. 2019 is the year of the hustlers, you with us?