Month: January 2019

How to Almost Guarantee Success (The Hustler Edition)

They say that to be successful you should make your bed every morning. They also say that to be successful you should be depressed, suicidal, and overall in a very dark place mentally. Who are these people making these ridiculous rules? What they don’t tell you is that making your bed in the morning likely […]


Say no to Beta Alanine in your Preworkout!

Beta-alanine has been a staple ingredient in pre-workouts supplements since it burst onto the scene a little over a decade ago. It’s both adored and loathed by masses of people for the same reason — the tingles, a.k.a paresthesia. While these spidey-sense type feelings confer no direct benefit to athletes (aside from making them feel […]


What Does ATP Stand For?

When ATP was created, we set out to do things differently than everyone else. After having worked within the industry for a few years I can say that we have succeeded with that goal. Where we have not done the best job is to build on what is at the core of what ATP truly […]